Board Certification for Animal Naturopathic Practitioners
Accreditation for Qualified Animal Naturopath Colleges


Kingdom College of Natural Health, accredited through ASAN, is holding their 2014 graduation ceremony on September 27, 2014 at the Courtyard Atlanta Downtown, Atlanta, Georgia. For further information contact info@kcnh.org.



Internet Marketing for Naturopathic Practitioners

Learn how to successfully market your naturopathic animal practice using websites and INTERNET marketing. Course cost $250.00 includes textbooks and course materials.

ASAN offers website development for ASAN members. Basic packages begin at $250.00.

Contact Website@animal naturalhealth.org.

****************A Message from the President of ASAN****************

Debra Venable-Ball
I'd like to express how privileged I am to have the opportunity to serve as President of the American Society of Animal Naturopathy. I’m grateful to the past President, Kay Larson, and our Executive Council members who have worked and devoted their personal resources to building the vision that makes ASAN the strong, successful organization it is today. We have reached our first milestone in creating an Association where naturopathic animal practitioners can not only gain certification thus demonstrating to their clients that they are indeed professionals in every sense of the word, but also where they can gain insight and support from their fellow naturopaths and continue their educational pursuits. To this end, we will be publishing a quarterly newsletter with valuable information on the latest research into naturopathic treatments, highlights of our association members, and tips on growing a successful business. Your input is not only solicited but is vital to the success of this enterprise. We are indeed fortunate to live in an era when naturopathic healing for both humans and animals has reached the forefront of public awareness. Our members are on the front-lines in providing a more natural and environmentally friendly approach to the treatment of today's companion animals. As ASAN moves forward, we will endeavor to assist you, our members, to continue to grow as practicing naturopaths. Therefore, in the coming year, we will implement a series of courses, which are designed to help you grow your business. These courses will include topics on office management, setting up your business, the ethics involved in dealing with clients and fellow naturopaths, and how to manage and keep your client's loyalty. We will also offer refresher courses to those who wish to continue their education in such areas as nutrition and various holistic modalities such as homeopathy and the exciting new area of animal birthing companions or doulas. We are here to serve your needs and are always open to suggestions on how we may improve ASAN's services for its members. In addition, ASAN seeks to reach out to prospective members. We seek to create an atmosphere of dialog where those with experience in the practical applications of holistic medicine for animals may share their views with less experience members. We encourage you to share your views, experiences, and expertise by submitting articles for the newsletter. Additionally, we have instituted a new policy, which enables graduates of naturopathic institutions, which have received accreditation through ASAN and who graduate with a 3.0 or higher, to forgo testing for full certification through ASAN. We feel the educational process that you have completed through an accredited institution fully prepares you for certification as an ASAN member. In conclusion, we will continue to work diligently throughout the year to expand the scope of programs and credits offered. We will endeavor to continually update your educational experiences, give you the opportunity to network with your colleagues, and to enhance your professional development. I am grateful for your support and honored to have the opportunity to serve as President. I promise to hold myself to the highest standards of integrity and to uphold the mission of ASAN. I look forward to hearing from each of you. Your thoughts and input is what will continue to make ASAN a vibrant and SUCCESSFUL Association.