Board Certification for Animal Naturopathic Practitioners
Accreditation for Qualified Animal Naturopath Colleges


Kingdom College of Natural Health, accredited through ASAN, is holding their 2014 graduation ceremony on September 27, 2014 at the Courtyard Atlanta Downtown, Atlanta, Georgia. For further information contact info@kcnh.org.



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Benefits of Accreditation

The American Society of Animal Naturopathy, Celebrating Excellence in Natural Animal Healthcare Education.

Reap the benefits of accreditation for your animal naturopathic college from a leader in accreditation, the American Society of Animal Naturopathy.

Accreditation from ASAN serves several purposes. Accreditation confirms the quality of an institution's educational program. It indicates that the school's educational program prepares the student for a career in the field of natural health for animals.
Prospective students, entering a college which has received accreditation from ASAN, have the assurance that their school's program has met accreditation standards established by professionals in their given field.
The public is assured that holistic health professionals who have graduated from an ASAN accredited school, have learned the skills needed to assist their animals in a professional and competent manner.
For graduates, graduating from an ASAN accredited school, increases their employment opportunities as many employers appreciate the educational expertise students acquire from an accredited institution.
Employers are assured that prospective employees have completed their education from an institution which bases it curriculum on established standards of the industry.
The holistic health care profession is enhanced by the establishment of institutions which meet the highest standards of excellence in education.
Colleges benefit by having a network of similar institutions worldwide which promote inter-cooperative practices as each institution is assured that the college with which it is working meets the highest standards of excellence in holistic animal educational programing.
Colleges which receive ASAN accreditation are recognized worldwide as having an excellent reputation through peer review.

The Accreditation Process
1. Step Application and Accreditation Agreement

When ASAN receives a naturopathic collage's application for accreditation and fee*, a review is begins. It usually takes from one to two weeks. The applicant then receives an accreditation agreement and an telephone interview is arranged.

2. Self-Study

After the telephone interview, the applicant will provide ASAN with a self-study document. This document explains how the college meets ASAN standards and includes a self-evaluation and what changes if any the college feels it needs to meet.

3. Committee Review

The application and self-study evaluation document is turned over to the accreditation committee. If the committee has additional questions, the college will contacted by either telephone or email.

4. Accreditation

Following successful accreditation by the committee review, the college receives an Accreditation Report. The committee supplies the college with a set of ratings for all applicable standards. These will include a lits of strengths and weakness and suggestions on how to improve the college's standards. A certification of accreditation will be issued.

5. Maintaining accreditation

To maintain accreditation the college must furnish ASAN with an annual report which includes reporting any significant changes to the animal program. The college must adhere to ASAN standards.

Accreditation Application Fee $300.00




The accreditation application fee is forfeit if accreditation is denied.