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Internet Marketing for Naturopathic Practitioners

Learn how to successfully market your naturopathic animal practice using websites and INTERNET marketing. Course cost $250.00 includes textbooks and course materials.

ASAN offers website development for ASAN members. Basic packages begin at $250.00.

Contact Website@animal naturalhealth.org.

****************A Message from the President of ASAN****************

We at the American Society of Animal Naturopathy are excited about the plans we have for 2017. The interest in natural healing modalities continues to grow. We have experienced an increase in the number of people from the general public who are interested in learning more about our naturopathy classes. This is welcome news. To support this interest, we developed a free naturopathy class designed to help people understand the principles of natural medicine and give them a general introduction to the different types of treatments available for their animals. We are also introducing an associate certification for those members of the public who enter a natural animal program and complete the courses with a 3.5 grade point average. This will allow them to become part of the American Society of Animal Naturopathy and to take pride in what they have achieved. Kingdom College of Natural Health continues to accept credits from our courses for those who want to further their education. Thank you KCNH for your support. To satisfy the growing interest in our programs and certificate classes we are adding a number of new classes. We appreciate all the feedback we receive and welcome suggestions on what you would like to see added to our programing. Rather than continue to produce a newsletter for our members, we have decided to publish a blog called Animals Naturally. We feel that this will enhance our ability to share new information with our members in a timely fashion. We appreciate all your support. We are on the cusp of a movement, which embraces the body’s ability to heal itself. We have an opportunity to ensure that the animals, which share this planet with us, have a hope of living a happy and healthy life. We are thrilled to be a small part of this movement. God bless you all. ---------------------Dr. Debra Venable-Ball, ASAN President