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Internet Marketing for Naturopathic Practitioners

Learn how to successfully market your naturopathic animal practice using websites and INTERNET marketing. Course cost $250.00 includes textbooks and course materials.

ASAN offers website development for ASAN members. Basic packages begin at $250.00.

Contact Website@animal naturalhealth.org.

****************A Message from the President of ASAN****************

We are well into 2016 and are seeing an increase in the public's interest in natural healing modalities, both human and animal. These are exciting times for those of us who love and appreciate the holistic approach to all aspects of our animal's lives, who look at the individual animal as a whole, not just a sum of its parts. As a practitioner of holistic health care for nearly thirty years, I can say with confidence that the public recognizes that the traditional health care system is failing them on many fronts. They are looking for a new way to treat their beloved animals, a way which embraces the body, mind, spirit, and emotions of each individual animal. They are especially seeking a system that first does no harm. To that end, we are dedicated to helping individual naturopathic practitioners succeed in helping to fill this gap. First, we are seeking new ways to help our members set up and expend their businesses. Many new graduates have no idea how to start a practice; therefore, we are offering members a package, which includes a website, one year of web hosting, business cards, and a course on starting a web based business at one low fee. Hopefully, this package will help our new members lay a firm foundation on which they can grow a successful naturopathic practice. We are also expanding the number of animal naturopathic courses we are offering. These can be taken as a program or as individual classes for certification. These course credits are transferable to any ASAN accredited schools. There is an expanding interest from the public to learn more about naturopathy and these courses give them a chance to explore a subject such as aromatherapy or homeopathy without committing to a four year program. By the end of the year we hope to be offering not just courses in small animal and equine naturopathy but livestock as well. We wish each and every member of our society a very successful year and to quote Victor Hugo "All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come." Our time is now. God Bless you each and every one. ----------------------------------Dr. Debra Venable-Ball, ASAN President