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Internet Marketing for Naturopathic Practioners

Learn how to successfully market your naturopathic animal practice using websites and internet marketing. Course cost $250.00 includes textbooks and course materials.

ASAN offers website development for ASAN members. Basic packages begin at $250.00

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Indium Improves Gland Mineral Absorption for empowered Living The 7th-rarest mineral #49 on the Periodic Table, Indium, until now was not bioavailable, therefore all plants and animals are 99% deficient. Indium is the missing Link unifying the major Mineral groups, for the first time in history Indium is made bioavailable by Gerorge Bonadio's patented process #6,007,847 for empowered living. Great for your animals, too. We offer Indiumease for just 19.99 +3.99 shipping (a 90 day supply) to the general public. This is a $16.00 saving off the retail price. Discounts are available for employees, graduates, and students of Kingdom College of Natural Health. Just choose an option from the drop-down menu. Indiumease is offered through our association with La'Nae Enterprises. GET YOUR 90 DAY SUPPLY TODAY.



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