Board Certification for Animal Naturopathic Practitioners
Accreditation for Qualified Animal Naturopath Colleges


Internet Marketing for Naturopathic Practioners

Learn how to successfully market your naturopathic animal practice using websites and internet marketing. Course cost $250.00 includes textbooks and course materials.

ASAN offers website development for ASAN members. Basic packages begin at $250.00.

Contact Website@animal naturalhealth.org.

Become Board Certified

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The American Society of Animal Naturopathy, Celebrating Excellence in Natural Animal Healthcare Education.

Board Certification is a two-step process. First, determine which level you are qualified for. There are two:

*Specialist: Requires a medical degree in veterinary medicine (DVM) or doctorate in animal naturopathy/animal holistic health from an established, educational institution.
Cost: $199.00

*Educator: Requires a diploma in animal natural health of at least 30 credits from an established, educational institition.
Cost: $179.00

Next, download the application here. You can either email or physically mail it to our P.O. box address. All potential ASAN candidates will be evaluated based on education and experience. In some instances an exam may be required. Applicants who graduate from an ASAN accredited institution are not required to take the exam. Upon being accepted, you will receive an attractive wall document suitable for framing.

Annual Renewal $69.00

Once certified, you must complete 12 CEUs per year to maintain membership.

You may pay by using the PayPal button below or by sending a check. You're on your way!

Specialist $199.00

Educator $179.00

Annual Renewal $69.00

Please note: the ASAN does not prepare for any type of state licensing. Certification is a voluntary process designed to establish peer-reviewed standards and credentials and qualifications.

*All payments are processed by La'Nae Enterpises, an independent consulting firm.

Specialist Application 199.99

Educator Application 179.00

Annual Renewal 69.00